The idea


The @ionianhallofscience project aims to create a scientific community that will bring together all scientists of Ionian origin or current residence to exchange ideas and cooperate in order to aid the development of the Ionian islands through science.


We begin our identification process based on the publicly available scientist dataset available here. This is a dataset of about 64.000 Greek scientists worldwide that was the result of the research work found here.

The first goal is to identify the scientists of Ionian origin or residence.

The second goal is to organize the identified scientists into a new searchable and online scientific social network, thus enabling and facilitating interdisciplinary scientific research, the exhange of ideas and proposals, cooperation and co-creation.

The ultimate goal is to create a vibrant and collaborative global scientific community that will aid the development of the Ionian island region through science.

After the @ionianhallofscience is created

The @ionianhallofscience will be the platform where scientists can contribute to various scientific endeavours and knowledge transfer in the Ionian islands through collaboration and co-creation of new ideas.